Funeral Crashing?

We've all heard stories of wedding crashers, people who show up at a wedding where they don't know anyone, but take advantage of the food and drink at the reception.  

(Film clip at the end of this post, because I know all you're thinking about now is Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.  And I'm well aware that they weren't going for the food.)

I've actually heard of reunion crashers too.   

But funeral crashers?  This isn't like the movie "Harold and Maude", where they just liked funeral services.  This is people getting a free meal off a grieving family by pretending they knew the deceased.  


Yes, the priest knows what's happening.  Here's what he told The Mirror

"She is a Catholic woman and she is convinced she needs to go to as many masses as possible. She has been coming and going since I have been here for the past 14 years."

“I can’t exactly say you can’t come here.”

Couldn't he just tell her she's not invited to the buffett... just the mass?  What's wrong with that? 


And apparently, this has happened in other places as well--


Wedding crashing is one thing ... but taking advantage of someone's grief for a free meal?  I have no words.

Oh, and only because I promised-- 


(Photo credit:  Getty Images)


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