Walmart Delivery When You're Not Home?

So here's an interesting news story... Walmart is testing a delivery service that doesn't just deliver TO your door, but INSIDE your home.  

Wait. What??

Here's the deal--

Walmart wants to fill your fridge and pantry, even when you aren't home.  They're testing a delivery program that lets customers use smart-home technology to remotely open the door for delivery workers.  You can then link your phone to home security cameras and watch a live stream of someone else putting away your groceries.  

Walmart is testing this in Silicon Valley where, presumably, more people would have this kind of in-home technology.


Cool or creepy?  I vote creepy.  Totally creepy.   


Some people are alright with delivery "inside", as long as it's not actually INSIDE the home.  


Me?  I'm not even comfortable with ordering online and drive-thru pickup.  Just give me a grocery cart... 


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