DVR Set and Tissues Handy!

I called my husband to double-check the DVR, to make sure "This Is Us" is set to record tonight. 

He smirked (yes, I could tell over the phone) and said something about crying tonight.

Don't let that fool you.  He's just as hooked as I am.  Though I do grab for tissues more often.

The Big 3 are back tonight on NBC !


Naturally, the stars of "This Is Us" are all over TV today...  

Chrissy Metz talked about how this show came just at the right time for her... when she had only 81 cents in her bank account!


And no, we don't know how Jack died.  At least not yet.  The cast knows, but they're not telling.

However, Milo did say we shouldn't be mad at Miguel-- 


DVR is ready.  Tissues handy.  And I think I'll be holding onto our dog for comfort (because he never smirks when I get teary. Just saying). 


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