Like Mother, Like Daughter

I think every Mom can relate to the joy of model Christie Brinkley and her daughter in this moment.  

She got to tell her daughter that she's getting the chance to follow in her footsteps, on her own this time!

Christie has been featured in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition 8 times, from 1975 to 2004.  Now it's her daughter's turn.. she's the first second-generation model in the magazine's history.. and Christie got to surprise her with the news!


Besides the whole mother-daughter thing... which all of us mothers of daughters totally get... the thing I like most is what I read on Sailor's Instagram post.   

This isn't your stereotypical model talking.

"I'm here for ANY one who has ever cried in front of the mirror and thought what they saw wasn't good enough. I'm here for any one struggling to love themselves. I'm here for the tomboy girls who have ever been told to act more "lady like". I'm here for the women with small breasts who think they can't feel sexy because of mainstream beauty ideals. I'm here for any one currently fighting or that have gotten past an eating disorder. I understand. I'm here for any one who's wanted to give up on themselves but chose to keep going. My biggest hope is that i can positively represent anyone who identifies with these things... "

Read the rest on her post below-- 


And yes, Sailor has been in the SI Swimsuit edition before.  Last year, she was featured along with her mom and her sister, Alexa Ray Joel.   But now she's been chosen as a rookie model, all on her own--



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