"Hocus Pocus" Remake, Not Sequel

When the word got out that Disney was doing a new Hocus Pocus, the first question everyone asked is:

Will Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker be back?

According to Deadline Hollywood, that's a no.  "The new Hocus Pocus iteration will have a new cast and a new director."

Wait. What?

Hocus Pocus

Here's the scoop-- 


And here's Disney's spin on it.  It's a "new iteration" of the 1993 classic-- 


Fans were quick to point out that they asked for a sequel, not a remake-- 


But since the decision apparently has been made ... how about some casting suggestions?


Me?  I'm just taking the Hocus Pocus remake debate as yet another opportunity to point out that one of my favs on NCIS was also in the movie.  

I'll just leave this here-- 



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