Ramona Was Just What We Needed Yesterday

For those of us who juggle multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, it's our worst nightmare... and it's bound to happen.

We're gonna get them mixed up at some point.  (You may have noticed that I do it a lot with Twitter!)

It happened yesterday on NPR's Facebook... and in the midst of national tragedy, it was a pleasant distraction to think about Ramona.


In fact, people are clamoring for more on this mysterious Ramona--


Personally, I was thinking Ramona was a dog.  But that's because it's been a while since we've had toddlers in the house and our dog totally acts like one.  I could see Ramona the Dog.

SPOILER ALERT-- NPR has unveiled the who behind yesterday's FB post... and the identity of Ramona-- she is NOT a cat! (or a dog)



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