Georgia Is Willing to Name a City For Amazon


Everyone seems to be vying to be the "second headquarters" of Amazon, now that the Seattle-based behemoth has announced its plans. One city in the Greater Atlanta area is trying its best to stand out. The newly incorporated city of Stonecrest has offered to de-annex a part of their new city, so that Amazon can have its own city -- Amazon, Georgia.

Stonecrest officials call it a branding opportunity.

Brilliant Idea? Maybe, but I doubt Amazon (the company) would bite for that reason. And if Amazon actually goes to a town called Amazon, Georgia, I'm pretty sure most of us will say they're in Atlanta.   

This reminds me somewhat of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico -- a city formerly known as Hot Springs that changed its name to attract the attention of the popular radio show in 1950. But at least then, Ralph Edwards had offered to do the show from any town that changed its name. So they did, and now they're stuck with a silly name. But it's a more famous town than it otherwise would have been...

Maybe they're are onto something with Amazon, Georgia.

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