Abby, Don't Go!

NCIS, in all its various forms, is a big deal at our house. And this is big news. 

Abby's leaving. 

No!!!!!  Not looking forward to telling my husband about this at all.

Pauley Perrette addressed the rumors on social media yesterday.


All I ask is PLEASE don't kill her off.  Send her off on some grand, Abby-esque adventure, where we know she'll live happily ever after, in a weird, Abby sort of way.

We've grieved so much... for Ziva, Caitlin, Jenny, Jackson and so many more.  And we were just getting over DiNozzo (a transition no doubt helped by the fact that he has another show on the same night!)

We need to smile when Abby leaves... not cry ugly tears.


Some think this spells the end of NCIS.  Me? I think as long as Mark Harmon wants to be Gibbs, there will be a team behind him.  


Am I an Abby fan?  Absolutely.  Fun to watch, incredibly creative and original, totally human and passionate.  Weird, but believable.  And I wouldn't hesitate to invite her to dinner.  Not many characters on TV these days that you can say that about.  

And did I mention stunning?  These were taken a few years ago... 



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