What To Do With Kids During A Storm

There is a standard list of what to do to prepare for a hurricane.  It looks like this:


But for the parents of young children... well, seriously, any age children... you need to be prepared for the worst... 

Power outage!

I'll never forget covering Hurricane Erin in Northwest Florida and coming home to my husband, who never looked more frazzled in his life.  His first words?  

"No power. No Barney. Help me!"

We prepared the house, etc... but he had run out of ways to keep little Becca entertained and she had just about run him ragged.

Power up any electronics that the kids use.   Have extra batteries for them, too.

And have some games/toys that don't require power readily available.  

Pitch a tent in the living room... make it a camp out, with a flashlight.

And fun snacks.  We only had Vienna sausages in our house during a hurricane.  Mike looked forward to that.  

Plan ahead for ways to make this an adventure... or you'll be scrambling in the middle of the storm!

Oh, and we REALLY liked Barney at my house!!

(Photo credit: Cover photo, Getty Images; Becca in a Barney Suit, Mary Booth)


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