Trick or Treat, What Do You Eat?

When the kids get home with their Trick or Treat candy, what happens next?

Some parents let the kids eat what they want.

Some parents set limits on how many pieces each day.

Others dole out the treats themselves, acting as a gatekeeper (or since kids don't know that word, how about Candy Police?)

And almost all of us?  We snitch our favorites, just like we do from the Easter basket.

Survey says--- 

85% of parents will take steps to make sure their kids don't overindulge  

37% of those people will set a candy limit for their kids each day  

26% say they'll act as the gatekeeper, so their kids won't have direct access to their candy stash

Oh, and 72% of us treat ourselves to their Trick or Treat candy (that number may be low, because it's a survey and some of us don't like to admit we do this.  But we do.  I do, at least)

And as for what we like?

68% say chocolate, but a few of us (10%) are all about the candy corn.  


(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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