More Coffee? Could Keep You From Dying!

Saw this in the news this morning.

I immediately got up and got another cup of coffee...

A new study shows that Higher Coffee Consumption = Lower Risk of Death.

That's math I can deal with!

Spanish researchers studied food questionnaires from more than 19-thousand people with an average age of 37 and followed them for around ten years. 

Results?  People who drank at least four cups of coffee each day had a 64-percent lower risk of death than those who never drank coffee.  

Overall, there was a 25-percent lower risk of death for every two additional cups of coffee per day.

Best part? The greatest benefit appeared to be for people 45 and older.  

So you're saying that we should drink MORE coffee as we get OLDER and there's less risk of dying?

Another cup?  Absolutely.  



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