"Stranger Things" Kids Cuss Up A Storm

I've been waiting for the Season 2 of "Stranger Things".. even when I heard it was darker, and there was no justice for Barb... but this is the first thing that's made me think, man... why'd they have to do THAT?

The kids in the show will be cussing a lot.  (I didn't see "It", but apparently this is a trend.)

They cut out most of the bad words in Season 1, and the kids were upset.  Yup.. the idea for letting the kids in "Stranger Things" curse more in Season 2 came from the kids themselves... who, according to the directors, are even worse potty-mouths in real life.


Ok, now that you're totally freaked out by that trailer... here's something a little lighter, but still "Stranger"-- 



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