Hershey's Gold, Their 1st New Candy Bar Since 1995

I know you just ate half your kid's Halloween candy... and we've got holiday sweets ahead.  

But this may stop you in your tracks.  

Hershey's has a new candy bar.  Like, this hasn't happened in over 20 years!


The new candy bar... the company's first since 1995... is in honor of Team USA in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.  

That's cool-


We're all for cheering on Team USA, but how does it TASTE??!  

Hershey's says it's creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet.

It's made with caramelized creme and has bits of peanuts and pretzels.

This person tried it... and is thinking peanut brittle.  Hmmmmm... 



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