A Biology-Themed Version of "Despacito"??

A biology-themed remix of the song "Despacito" is now going viral.  

Seriously.  It's about biology, but to a tune every kid is familiar with (and us parents, too!)

The song provides a visual representation of biology while naming famous biologists and using various scientific terms. 

It's gotten over five million views on the Facebook page "A Cappella Science" and over half a million YouTube views. 


But wait... there's more:


Kids learn in different ways.   

I was a book person.  If it was in the textbook, I had it.

My kids?  Not so much.  They do better with visuals.   And YouTube videos.  

A Capella Science is a gold mine for making science fun.

But there are also LOTS of resources on YouTube, for parents trying to find another way to reach their kids.

For serious students, check out Khan Academy.  Just search for the topic you're looking for. 

And for any parent... GOOGLE it!  A search like "I need help to study physiology" can yield a ton of new ideas and resources.


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