This Airline Wants To Weigh You

It's not unusual for airlines to weigh a passenger's bags.  But Finnair wants to weigh its passengers....WITH your carry-on bags.

And I NEVER get on scales with any extra baggage.  Very rarely want to get on scales with clothes on.

I mean, isn't the whole passenger screening process humiliating enough?

This, however, isn't about security... it's about fuel costs and things like that.  They want to know what their "average" passenger and bags weigh and not just depend on industry standards.

So they're asking passengers to step on the scales.  


I totally understand the concept and agree that a better estimate of weight on the plane can help them in a lot of ways.

I just don't want to step on the scales in front of everyone who's getting on the plane!  

Maybe I could say, in a loud voice, that I'm sorry I packed my rock collection in my carry-on bag... or that I packed my weights so I could exercise on the trip...

Of course, I'm not likely to be flying Finnair anytime soon... I just don't want other airlines to get the idea and run with it!

(Photo: Getty Images)


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