You Can Have Actual Breakfast at Tiffany's!

It's every woman's dream... 

Well, every woman who read the book or watched the movie or loves those little blue boxes.

You can now have breakfast at Tiffany's.  Actual breakfast at the actual store in NYC.

The luxury New York City jeweler is introducing its "first ever retail dining concept," called "The Blue Box Cafe."  It's on the fourth floor of the newly renovated Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. 

The menu is simple... like coffee and a croissant for 29-dollars.  It's Tiffany's... don't expect McDonald's prices!  


The Blue Box Cafe is decked out in the famed Tiffany blue. 

"Vanity Fair" describes the feeling as if you're dining inside one of Tiffany's famous blue boxes.  

What's not to love?  Perfect gift idea!


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