Cyber Monday: Are You Shopping While Working Today?

Are you shopping while working today?  

Robert Half did a survey and found 75% of workers admit using a company device to shop during work hours.  

Ouch.  Guilty?  Should I confess that or not?

43 percent say the boss is OK with it.  26% say the boss is NOT OK with it.  The rest don't know, but apparently they're shopping anyway.


By the way, Cyber Monday is a lot more popular with the younger set, ages 25 to 34.  That accounts for about HALF of online shoppers today. 

And I can tell you from experience, and the text that I got from my son this morning, college students aren't necessarily paying attention in class when they can find deals for Christmas... and text said deals to their parents, to add to the list.

For those of us over 45, only 14% will participate.  Guess I'm feeling young today.... oops, was that a confession?

More on who's shopping at work, from National Today-- 


For me, the trouble with Black Friday and Cyber Monday is I feel rushed to spend.  And that's probably not a good thing!


And think of everything you miss when you shop online-- wait, isn't that the point?


(Photo: Getty Images)


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