Upside Down Christmas Trees?

We've heard about them before, but apparently Upside Down Christmas Trees are actually becoming a thing... pretty much every store sells them now, from Home Depot to Target.

You can either mount your tree to the ceiling so it hangs, or buy an artificial tree that's designed to stand upside-down.  

For some, it's about religion... The upside-down tree is big in central and Eastern Europe because people think it resembles the shape of Jesus on the cross.

For others, it's aesthetics...The upside-down tree shows off your ornaments better, because they're dangling into the air, not being covered up by thicker branches underneath. 

And while it IS strange, it's not because of the Upside Down in "Stranger Things"... at least we don't think so!


Artistic? Disrespectful? Or just plain ridiculous?  There are a lot of different opinions... 


Some people apparently have been doing this for a while now... 



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