Who's Flying The Plane?

So that really caught my eye... CNN reports that American Airlines says now "only a few hundred" flights don't have pilots.

Seriously?  Don't they need those?

Yes, of course.  But due to a computer scheduling glitch, American gave all its pilots who asked for time off the time they wanted.  Sweet!   Except that left them with 15, 000 flights with no one scheduled to fly the plane.

Uh, oh.

The airline reportedly has offered 150% of their usual pay, but that offer reportedly violates their union contract.  

The good news is at this point, there are only a few hundred of those 15,000 flights still needing a pilot. 

 And they haven't canceled anything.  At least not yet.


Of course, this is happening during the holidays... from Dec 17th through New Year's Eve.  And it could RUIN people's holiday plans-- 



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