Lost Teddy Bear Gets Special Flight Home

When Becca was little, she had to have Miz Beans everywhere she went.  Couldn't sleep without it.  So naturally, Miz Beans traveled with us wherever we went.

One time, we're on the road, and Becca starts crying.... "Where's Miz Beans?"   Short answer? We had to drive back to the hotel and search the room before finding her underneath the bed.  

There's no replacing a doll or a bear that has that kind of attachment.  (BTW, you can see Miz Beans at the end of this blog.  Yes, she still has her.  And yes, she's looking a little rough.  Huge understatement there).

A little girl named Summer left her teddy bear behind at the airport... so there was no quick drive back.  Her mother issued a plea on Facebook... a flight attendant saw it... and the Teddy was returned on the next flight... with TLC (Teddy Loving Care), according to Loganair.

What's not to love about this story AND these pics?!


Here's more on the story...

By the way, my favorite quote is from the commercial director at Loganair, who spent a long time working on puns.... "Whenever our team was made aware of the grizzly situation, we knew there could be pandemonium if we didn't help."


OK, as promised... here is Miz Beans.  She's been through the washer a few times, but obviously not enough.  I hope it doesn't give you nightmares!


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