Has He Created The Perfect Christmas Song?

Is there a formula for everything, including Christmas songs?  This music professor thinks so.

A musicologist at the Boston Conservatory, Dr. Joe Bennett, decided that he wanted to write the PERFECT Christmas song.  So he studied the lyrics, tempo, vocals, and musical key of 200 of the top Christmas songs to figure out how.

Here are his findings:

It's important to use words like Santa, snow, home, peace, and love in the lyrics . . . but especially the word Christmas itself.  

The song needed to be in a major key, have an average tempo of 115 beats per minute

And it needs lots of sleigh bells.

Here's what he came up with... and yes, it sounds like a lot of Christmas songs you've heard before... but I couldn't make it all the way through.  

It didn't have heart.  For me, the perfect song, Christmas or otherwise, comes from the heart and touches the heart in some way (even in a humorous way).

Ok, that's my review.  Give it a listen and let me know what YOU think!



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