What Do YOU Want For Dinner?

I absolutely HATE getting this answer to the question "What do you want for dinner?"--

"What do YOU want?"

Seriously?  After 33 years, doesn't he know that that is NOT the answer?  

But I had no idea that it wasn't just us.  A new survey says the average American couple spends 132 HOURS every year deciding what to eat.

Let's do the math:

132 hours per year equals about 21 minutes per day

That's 5.5 days a year

So by your 50th anniversary, you've spent 275 whole days trying to figure out what's for dinner.  


Only 13% of couples say the "what do you want for dinner" question is not a problem for them.

I think they may be lying.


So I figure Ray and I have already wasted over 180 days on this question.  

BTW, this is not a picture of us... it's just how I feel right now.  Because I know what's facing me on the way home.

What do you want for dinner?  What do you want?  Argghhhhhhhh.

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(Photo: Getty Images)


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