It's National Ugly Sweater Day!

It's kinda required in my job... you know, we ARE the Christmas Station!  Ugly Christmas sweaters are what I'm SUPPOSED to wear to work.

And yet, all my photos with celebs and officials have me looking a little, well, underdressed!

(Photo credit: Brad McPherson)


I have a whole collection, and yet never seem to have enough... or just the right one!

But for everyone, today is THE day to don those Ugly Sweaters.  

It's National Ugly Sweater day.


Wonder if they realized today was #UglySweaterDay when they scheduled our office Christmas party tonight, with an ugly sweater contest?  

(Had to be coincidence... there's no way we actually PLANNED that!)

I'll post more pics, if I win!!  Stay tuned.... and feel free to share yours on Facebook!


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