When Trees Come Down... And What To Do With Them

Guess I'm not the only one who still has the tree up--


Christmas was weird at my house this year... Ray got the flu, I got bronchitisy-kind-of-yuck... and we literally did not get the tree until the Monday before Christmas.  As in December 19th.  At 8pm.  

So I'm not ready to take it down yet.  But for a lot of people, it's too soon to talk about taking the tree down. 

They stick to the rule that the tree doesn't come down til after Epiphany.


Of course, some people want to keep the festive spirit going... so they just re-decorate their tree with a Mardi Gras theme.  

And considering that Mardi Gras is so early this year, it might not even be a fire hazard!


My usual rule of thumb?  Take it down while you can still recycle it.  

That way, someone/something else gets some use out of it.  And it's not sitting on the curb, shaming you.

So here are some recycling locations... 

Baldwin County has recycling through Jan 11th at these locations: 

Bay Minette Transfer Station 

Spanish Fort Volunteer Fire Department 

MacBride Landfill 

Baldwin County Central Annex

Fairhope Satellite Courthouse 

Magnolia Landfill 

Foley Satellite Courthouse 

Perdido Beach VFD 

If you live in the City of Pensacola, they'll pick 'em up--

Christmas Tree Collection

Customers of City of Pensacola Sanitation Services can place their organic Christmas trees curbside to be picked up on their Trash Collection Day.

Here's info for Santa Rosa County--- 


And if I left out the tree recyling for YOUR area, a quick Google search should help you find one. 

Now, to put away all those ornaments and decorations.... and ask myself the annual question of "why don't they fit in the box they came out of?"

Happy New Year!


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