Best Diets? Some You May Not Know About

Missed lunch and saw cheesestraws on a co-worker's desk.  Asked if I could have one and she begged me to take the whole box, because she's starting a diet and cheesestraws are not on the diet.

Not sure I could live without cheesestraws and all the other forms of cheese. 

And sure enough, the top diets stick to things like veggies, grains and fruit.  


But the thing I found unusual in this list of the top diets is that I've never heard of a lot of these.  Have you?

US News & World Report BEST DIETS 2018

Dig deep into this list, because some diets are better for short term weight loss... others are better for long term.   And some focus on people with health issues, such as heart problems and diabetes.

The key to dieting?  A good diet that you can stick with.  Good luck!

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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