Laundry Pod Challenge: Stupid and Dangerous

It's not candy.

It's not funny.

It could really hurt you.

We've already been warned to keep laundry pods away from toddlers and the elderly, who might mistake them for candy.

Now we have to tell teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings too??

There's a stupid viral challenge that's apparently inspiring kids to do stupid things and post it online.  


Just when you thought you'd warned your kids about everything that was bad for them.  


A big part of the problem is the YouTube videos that make it look funny.  

Of course, there's the disclaimer... Seriously. They're Poison. 


And the memes-- when I first started seeing them, I assumed it was just a joke.  

But then I saw a YouTube video of kids actually eating the pods (that video has since been removed because of dangerous content). 

I almost wish it hadn't been removed, so kids could see how stupid and gross and dangerous and disgusting and every other yucky, dumb adjective you can think of that this Challenge is.  

I really hate to ask, what'll they think of next? Don't you?



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