Slip Sliding Away

I tried to get to work today.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

I waited til 8, so I wouldn't be the first one on the roads.  Figured that would help. 

Not so much.  Almost as soon as I left the neighborhood, I hit a big patch of ice.  Only problem is, cars were stopped just past the ice.  

I held my breath and gently hit the brakes.  Whew!

Then I looked ahead and realized that everyone was stopped because there were cars off the road ahead of me.   And the car in the oncoming lane was stopped, because she saw the ice and didn't want to try it.

Knowing that the Bankhead was the only open tunnel... and cars were backed up for miles waiting to get through... and realizing that I wasn't going anywhere right then.....I turned around and went back over the ice to get home.

Good call.  Apparently the backup was 4 cars in the ditch.  I didn't need to be the next one.

And one of my neighbors who thought he could make it to work now needs a new front bumper, or maybe a new car.

It's been a slippery slope kind of day....and a lot of people had trouble with it.


But wait, there's more-- or at least there COULD be.  That's why schools in Mobile and Baldwin counties are closed again tomorrow.


And I think this is something Shelby mentioned, about the guy who fell on his rear end getting out of his vehicle, because he wasn't wearing the right shoes for this type of weather... 

As my kids used to put it, "fall down, go boom".  



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