'Stranger Things' Sheriff Asked to Officiate Wedding

I'm always amazed at the people who ask impossible questions and get very possible answers. 

Case in point: this 'Stranger Things' fan who wants Sheriff Hopper to officiate at her wedding-


You didn't really expect him to answer you, did you?

But wait... 


So the question is, did he think these were impossible demands?  Was he just being nice?  Or is he actually going to do this?

There are probably enough retweets by now... as for the cake, that may be asking a bit much-- 


Or maybe he didn't ask enough, LOL--


Getting your favorite actor to conduct your wedding? 

Stranger things have happened.  

Should we mention that Ed Sheeran was her first choice? Nah...that might ruin the whole thing!


(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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