Get Out! Movie Filmed Locally Up for Oscars

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The nominations came out this morning... and I started trying to think of any movie, filmed in our area, that ever got this kind of acclaim.

The only thing I could think of was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which created a stir in 1977 when it was filmed in Mobile-- 40 years ago!  It won an Oscar for Best Cinematography, and was nominated for Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music.... 8 nominations in all... but NOT for Best Picture.  

Get Out, which filmed scenes in Fairhope and Mobile, is nominated for 4 big Oscars--

Best Picture

Best Actor, Daniel Kaluuya

Best Director, Jordan Peele

Best Original Screenplay, Jordan Peele

Not bad for Jordan Peele's film writing and directing debut, huh?

That's rare... a popular movie getting nominated. But that's not the only thing that's unusual.  Horror movies usually don't get Oscar nominations ... neither do movies that came out almost a year before the nominations--

The movie got rave reviews... and the Gulf Coast got rave reviews from the cast, too

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Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie... it's not for the faint of heart--


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