Doctor Explains What Happens If You Eat A Tide Pod

Everyone keeps asking, is the "Tide Pod Challenge" really a thing? 

For years, there have been warnings to keep them away from young children and the elderly, who might mistakenly eat them... and people have died from it... but who would eat one on purpose?

In the first 15 days of 2018, there were 39 calls to Poison Control Centers about teens doing just that.

Now we're going to tell you exactly what happens when you bite into one, so that maybe you can convince your teen not to.

Because it can cause seizures... respiratory issues... and it can kill.  


Proctor & Gamble Chief Executive David Taylor says the company is working with social media organizations to remove videos of people biting into detergent pods


And they're trying to reach teens where they live... on social media... with the message "Don't"



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