It's A Wing Thing

I'm not a big fan of wings.  

Especially at parties.  You get sauce all over your face, all over your hands... and then you've got these icky chicken bones on your plate.  Ugh.  

But apparently I'm in the minority... and apparently, wings are required for watching the Big Game this weekend.


Fun fact... we're gonna eat 1.35 BILLION wings this weekend.  Enough to circle the Earth 3 times, according to the National Chicken Council.  (Yes, there is one.) 


And there are a gazillion ways to make wings (just visit your local wing-ery and see how many combinations they have).  

A lot of people claim to like them hot.  Until they get some like Von Miller got.  


Note to anyone watching the game at a gathering I am attending--- you can have my share.  I really like the celery better.  

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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