Eating French Fries Will NOT Cure Baldness

My husband mentioned this at breakfast.  A chemical in McDonald's french fries could be a cure for baldness.

Not that Ray needs that... he's got a full head of hair.

It was just the weirdest thing he saw on Twitter this morning.


So you're wondering WHAT chemical would be in french fries?

Here's the name... don't ask me to pronounce it: dimethylpolysiloxane

And according to this, it's a type of silicone, used to keep the oil from frothing.  


It's a complicated process that I don't even pretend to understand.  

But there are a couple of things we're sure of-- 

Despite what you see on Twitter, EATING McD's fries does NOT cure baldness. 

And rubbing them on your head does NOT cure baldness. 


Seriously?  All this talk is just making me hungry.  

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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