Southerners Upset Over "Bizarre Foods" Crawfish Tweet

What's wrong with this Tweet?  #Onlyin MN?????

What's wrong with this picture? Where's the SPICE?!?  Whether you use crab boil seasoning, Old Bay seasoning, or your own special blend, it's not right if you can't see red!

Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern apparently never heard of a Low Country Boil before.... and he certainly didn't know how to make it


Here's an example of what it should look like.  Note the obvious red coloring, especially evident on the corn.  Then compare it to the pic that Zimmern tweeted!

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

But spice wasn't the only problem that Twitter found with Zimmern's tweet--


Southerners are offended, outraged and downright confused by this whole thing.  

But in the end, the only proper response for someone who's so totally off the mark is the Southern slap in the face-- Bless his heart!



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