Why Take the Bayway, When You Can Take The Bay?

My friend Eva Golson with the Mobile Film Office asked me if I wanted to ride in on the Mardi Gras Navy Ship.

Sounded like fun. 

She didn't mention meeting the bus at 5:30am, going out to Dauphin Island to the Coast Guard base, and getting on a boat to get to the ship.

And I don't think she explained exactly how we were supposed to get from that boat to the ship. 

Let's just say I encountered a lot of ladders during this adventure.

But what I really encountered were some incredibly bright, well-trained, exceedingly well-mannered and very patriotic men and women who live and work aboard the USS Philippine Sea.   Roughly 385 of them. 

It was a pleasure to meet them and an honor to ride into the Port of Mobile with them.

And I hope they have a blast this Mardi Gras.


Just to give you an idea of how you get THERE from HERE!  


Nothing like catching your first beads before you even get off the ship! Nice throwing job, USS Alabama Crewmates!


It's a view of the city that I don't get very often and I'm jealous of those who do!


I never knew how much firepower a ship like this had.  

And here's what it looks like in action in the Arabian Gulf-- 



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