Peter Rabbit Allergy Uproar

Parents of children with allergies are up in arms over the new "Peter Rabbit" movie.

In one scene, the rabbits throw blackberries at a man with severe blackberry allergies to the point where he has to use an EpiPen to treat the reaction.  

To be honest, it's not the only way they try to get rid of Mr. McGregor's nephew.  And he tries to get rid of the rabbits.

But the difference is showing kids that you can attack someone with allergies and cause them to have a life-threatening reaction.  That's incredibly dangerous.

Parents are calling for a boycott of the movie.  And now Sony has apologized for making fun of a serious issue. 


As a parent of a child with allergies, who had to have an epi-pen and all sorts of medications nearby in case he came into contact with an allergen, it's frightening.  

It's hard enough to keep your child away from things that could cause a reaction.  I had to monitor everything he ate.   I used egg and milk substitutes.  But we kept running into hidden allergens.  Who knew sunflower seeds and potato chips were dangerous?  We didn't, until he was throwing up after a baseball game because they were eating dill-flavored sunflower seeds in the dugout.  The dill flavoring is "attached" with whey.  Same thing with potato chips.

Then there was the time we were getting ready to go out to breakfast and Becca came in to tell me Mike was having an allergic reaction.  HOW???  He hadn't eaten anything!  But she had given the dog a cheese stick, and the dog licked Mike, and his face was a giant whelp. 

Imagine, if the kids in middle school who liked to bully other kids in gym had just known all they had to do was make sure he got something he was allergic to.  

Some people think these parents are making too big of a deal out of this.  I don't.  I feel their pain and their fear.  And I don't think any movie should promote bullying through allergy.  

It's not funny.  

But frankly, there's nothing about this movie that I find funny.  It just seems mean.  Maybe there's redemption at the end, but I don't plan to sit through it to find out.  



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