The Simpsons Predicted Curling Gold Medal

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Who could have predicted a gold medal in curling at the Winter Olympics?  The Simpsons!

Here's the back story on the curling episode from 2010--- 

Caption by @rlazebnik. We knew that there would be a Simpsons episode airing during the Vancouver games in 2010. Initially the idea was to have Homer start a four-man bobsledding team with the barflies, but then we changed it so that Homer and Marge could compete together in mixed curling (it’s an official event at the winter games this year -- another case of the Simpsons predicting the future). Plus of course, Marge is a consummate sweeper, so curling felt right. While writing the episode, I reached out to the U.S. curling team, who were really helpful. They introduced us to a curling group in northern California who came down and gave the writers a curling lesson. I was even worse at it than I am at every other ice sport. I liked this episode so much that I had the "Fatov" phony mascot pin created and gave them to the writers and animators. My best memento of the episode, though, is a photo of the U.S. curling team watching the episode in their hotel room during the games in Vancouver. "Boy Meets Curl" • Season 21, Episode 12 #BehindTheSimpsons #SimpsonsDidIt #TheSimpsons #USA #Curling

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We became fascinated with curling during this Olympics.... well, sort of.  Parody videos found the funny side of the sport.  

But then, the country realized that the men's curling team was winning... and actually took home the gold!

Ok, well, the team was given women's gold medals.  Seriously.  Could there be a more Simpsons-esque moment??

Oh, wait... Homer already had a Simpsons-esque moment--

Homer shows why Americans are beloved around the world. #TheSimpsons #Homer #Simpsons #WinterGames #USA

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Are the Simpsons writers just savvy?  Or acutal time travelers?? Check these out before you answer!



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