Instant Pot Wine- It's a Thing!

This guy may have single-handledly sent Instant Pot stock through the roof (assuming they have stock... I'm not really up on those things!)

He's figured out how to make WINE using an Instant Pot.

His one caveat? You're not going to put grape juice in in the morning and expect wine with dinner that night.  But the Instant Pot makes the process a whole lot easier!!!


You're gonna need a few ingredients...

Welch’s Grape Juice (64oz bottle)

1 cup of sugar (granulated)

a funnel

1 packet Lalvin Red Wine Yeast (They also have White Wine Yeast)

Instant Pot with Yogurt Function 

Clear Packing Tape

So is this why all my friends got these for Christmas?!?


The makers of Instant Pot seem to like the idea!


Just be aware, when a friend invites you over... if you don't see a bottle or a cork, they may have made their own!


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