Hey, You Guys Worked On An Oscar Winner!!!

So this just happened.  

A movie filmed in Fairhope and Mobile won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

And this morning, on Facebook, I started seeing locals talking about working on an Oscar winner.

Own that.  It's an incredible honor for everyone from extras to camera crew.


The movie ended up in Alabama after missing out on a California tax rebate.  

Jordan Peele tells New York Magazine what he thought he'd find here-- 

I went to Alabama with my own stereotypes and preconceived notions about getting chased out. There’s definitely a feeling that you’re in Trump country. But I have to say, the stereotypes were proved wrong. People were very sweet, very open, and there’s a lot of film lovers there who are very intelligent. ­Ultimately, I loved Alabama.


Allison Williams, who rented a house in Baldwin County during the filming, showed her love of Alabama (and Fairhope in particular) on Instagram-- 



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