"This Is Us" Star Promoting Smoke Detector Batteries

If you've watched "This Is Us", then you've probably already changed the batteries in all your smoke detectors and unplugged every appliance in your kitchen.

If not, now's the time.  Twice a year, fire rescue departments encourage us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors while we're changing the clocks for Daylight Saving Time.   And this weekend, we're Springing Forward for the start of DST.

And the timing was perfect.  We've only recently learned HOW Jack died... and that those little batteries could have helped to save him... so it's not surprising to see Milo Ventimiglia promoting batteries for smoke detectors.

Look at those eyes!  If Jack tells you to change those batteries, how could you say no??


Yes, it's an ad.  But it's also an important safety reminder.  In fact, there are a few key things we can learn from what happened to Jack---


I'm really kinda hoping to see Twitter erupt this weekend with pics of people sobbing as they change the batteries.  Do it for Jack.  


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