Every Parent's Nightmare...

I can't stop crying.  

Any parent who has ever put a kid on a bus for band, choir, baseball, football, you name it... you're probably feeling the same way.  It's every parent's nightmare...and for some Texas parents, that nightmare is very real right now.

We woke up today to hear that a charter bus crashed into a ravine on I-10 in Baldwin County.... a bus carrying a high school band from Channelview, Texas.  They were heading home, following a performance at Disney.


The accident happened early this morning. 

It's really hard to look at this, knowing that at least one person was killed and one critically injured.  But it's also amazing that so many escaped serious injury.


Like I said, any parent who's ever put a kid on a bus can relate... and many (especially band parents) are reaching out, offering support-- 

Our thoughts, prayers, and tears, going out to Channelview High.  

This one really hits home, for a baseball-dance team-choir-band-Dogwood Trail mom.  


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