March Madness: Watching While Working?


No, there's not a holiday this week... but getting work done once the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament (lovingly referred to as "March Madness") probably isn't happening, if your office is like ours.

Studies show the average worker spends 6 hours on "sports related activities" during the tournament.

We actually turn on some of the big games so people can keep up with what's happening.  It's a morale booster kind of thing.

For that doesn't work in every office.  And not every boss would understand your obsession.  Or the need to keep an eye on your bracket.

Which brings me to one of my favorite stories each year... how to stream the games at work and hide the fact that you're doing it. 

Step 1-- Getting the games


Step 2-- Hiding the fact that you're watching basketball when you should be working.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Boss Button-- 


And no, I decided against filling out a bracket this year.  Too much research to fail that badly. Just saying.


(UPDATE: I filled one out.  Not betting anything and not competing against my co-workers.  Just wanting to see how soon I can bust a bracket.  I'll be done by the weekend, I'm sure!)

(Photo: Getty Images)


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