Puppy Dies in Overhead Bin on United Flight

You know, some things just shouldn't happen.  This is one of those things.  And I can't think of anything to say about it that I can actually put into print.  So I'll just let you know what happened.

A puppy died on a United Airlines flight, because the attendant insisted the dog go in the overhead bin.

The family had a pet carrier for their 10 month old puppy, but that wasn't good enough for the flight attendant.

The dog didn't survive the flight.  There's no air in there.  

A couple of passengers on the flight took to social media to spread the story 


The airline has apologized and accepted responsibility-- 


The online reaction? These are the nicer ones.  There are a lot I can't post.  

Livid.  That pretty much describes it.


I hugged my dog tonight before I put him into his crate for the night.  Then I hugged him tighter.  I can't stop thinking about that puppy.  


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