What's Your Excuse?

posted by Mary Booth -

Late for work? Again?

We've all used the usual excuses at one time or another.... traffic, the kids, lost keys.  

But some people have been really creative with their late-for-work excuses.  When CareerBuilder asked bosses for the most unusual, here's what they got--

A few findings from this survey that you may want to ponder, especially since 25% of workers are late at least once a month-- 

- Younger workers are more likely to be late for work

- More than 2 in 5 employers have let someone go for being late

- Workers in the South and Midwest more likely to be fired for being late

Bottom line? Bosses can only hear so many excuses before they feel like it's a great excuse to fire you.

Of course, you could always bring donuts... 

(Photo Credit:  Getty Images)



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