What's Your Excuse?

Late for work? Again?


We've all used the usual excuses at one time or another.... traffic, the kids, lost keys.  

But some people have been really creative with their late-for-work excuses.  When CareerBuilder asked bosses for the most unusual, here's what they got--


A few findings from this survey that you may want to ponder, especially since 25% of workers are late at least once a month-- 

- Younger workers are more likely to be late for work

- More than 2 in 5 employers have let someone go for being late

- Workers in the South and Midwest more likely to be fired for being late

Bottom line? Bosses can only hear so many excuses before they feel like it's a great excuse to fire you.

Of course, you could always bring donuts... 


(Photo Credit:  Getty Images)


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