Easter Basket Survey

I used to panic every Easter.  

The children's department at our church asked us to bring two dozen hard-boiled eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.

I had never boiled an egg (hey, I was a  newlywed), so that first year, I called my Mom for instructions.  And since I only had to do this once a year, I made that call an annual thing.  

And I was so worried about making sure they were done, they were probably the consistency of a golf ball!

The good news is, hard boiled eggs are no longer "in" at Easter Egg Hunts ...though a lot of people still like to dye eggs and decorate them with the kids. 

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Most of us, though, prefer chocolate and candy in our Easter baskets... and I say "us" because 81% of parents surveyed admit to stealing candy from their kids' baskets.  Guilty as charged.  

Wallet Hub Easter Basket Survey

Here are some more Easter tidbits...


One of my favorite Easter "facts" is that 59% of us eat the ears off the chocolate bunny first.

My friend's brothers used to do that, to HER bunny.  That's just wrong!


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