Chocolate Burgers, Avocado Soda, Shoe Phones and Flake News

After Easter service and Easter brunch, while we were sitting around eating chocolate Easter eggs, my husband started looking at Twitter and said, "A chocolate whopper??"   As he was reading off the ingredients, I realized we had forgotten the date.  Yes, it was Easter... but it was also April Fool's


BK made sure we realized it was just a joke... 


Some were intrigued... 


Of course, BK was not the only one with online jokes yesterday... Avocado Coke anyone?  Or how about Sourdough?   It's all Zero Sugar, so it's all good, right?  Lol.  


How about T Mobile putting together a "Get Smart" shoe phone?!  Love the toe camera for selfies!


Netflix has a new deal with Seth Rogen. Sorry, Seth, I don't think that really IS the standard contract-- 


This one made me laugh out loud... but be warned!  If you click on it, you'll be singing this all day!!


This one grossed me out (and reminded me about a co-worker's April Fool's experience where her husband filled her doughnut with mayo).  ICK!  Enough already!  This is supposed to be fun!



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