Co-Worker Steals Lunch And Everyone Knows She Did It

I saw that someone had liked this tweet... but when I clicked on the thread, the plot thickened and I couldn't stop reading!  


We'll fast forward (because there's some language in the tweets that I probably shouldn't share).  

But suffice to say, the co-worker came back after viewing the tape and KNOWS who took his lunch.

Let's continue...


Fast forward... she comes back to the office and everyone's waiting to see what happens. 

She's the only one in the room who doesn't know that she's been identified as the guilty party.


She says, "Oh, it was your lunch?  Well, why would you go to HR about that?"

He says, "It's not ok to throw someone's food away".

(Edited for language.  I need this job. Just saying.)  


Who said "revenge is a dish best served cold"?  Seems like it was a line in The Godfather, but I think it's been used a lot.  

Anyway, on with our story.  At this point, Zak, our storyteller, inserts himself into the drama-- 


Hey, even the non-ending is getting big props from the Twitterverse....


All this took place on Friday.  Today is Monday.  

Let's check back in on the office drama... 


Not since the hard boiled egg incident on The Office has one person's lunch created such a disruption in the workplace... 



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