Stressed? Take a Break from Facebook

A researcher in  Australia was talking to his colleagues about how he quits Facebook occasionally, because of the stress level of keeping up with more and more friends.

So they decided to do a study and see if quitting Facebook ACTUALLY relieves stress.

(I'm curious because several of my friends take "vacations" from social media... maybe they're on to something!)

Results? Yes... taking a break from Facebook relieves stress. (That includes perceived stress as well as biological markers of stress.)


There are side effects.  After a few days, people reported being less satisfied with their lives.  Researchers think it may be that they're missing the rush that comes from people liking or commenting on their posts.  And FOMO (fear of missing out) apparently is a real thing. 


Me? When Facebook stresses me out, I don't give it up completely.  I just check notifications and leave the newsfeed alone til I have more time or I'm in a better mood.  

Just because someone's posting, doesn't mean you have to be reading... or the first person to comment or "like" it.  

But maybe that's just me.



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