Remember Potsie? He Could Save Your Life

If I asked for a show of hands-- who's gotten so drowsy behind the wheel that they had an accident or almost had an accident... or had the wits scared out of them-- almost all of us would raise our hands. 

Right?  Let's be honest.  It happens more than we'd like to admit. 

It happened to Potsie from "Happy Days"... and when he got advice from his uncle... Dr Henry Heimlich (yes, THAT Heimlich.. the Heimlich maneuver guy), there was a simple solution.

Sucking on a lemon.  Not exactly practical, but apparently very effective.  

So Anson Williams took it one step further and created a more practical solution....


Driving back from Birmingham this weekend I noticed signs warning drivers to stop if they're getting drowsy.  It's apparently a bigger problem than anyone realized-- 


I heard this story for the first time in Megyn Kelly's interview with Anson Williams yesterday on the "Today" show... 

She also had Marion Ross and Ralph Malph (Donnie Most).  And while the part about Alert drops and how Anson came up with the idea isn't til 11 and a half minutes into the interview, if you're like me, you'll watch the whole thing.

I miss "Happy Days" and I'm not even sure why!  Maybe, because things were simpler then... 



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