LeBron vs Saban? Does LeBron Have a Case?

I laughed out loud when I saw this!  It perfectly describes the battle right now-- 


LeBron James sent a letter to Bama, claiming copyright infringement over the Shop Talk series, saying it too closely resembled his Uninterrupted "The Shop" series.   


Nick Saban has no plans to stop... oh, and he threw a little shade to LeBron, saying he didn't even know LeBron HAD a show... 


Is Saban right?  Are there so many barbershop-style shows that LeBron doesn't have a case?  Or does Shop Talk look so much like The Shop that Bama could be in trouble? 

Here's one lawyer's take on it-- 


So, what do you think?  Here's a clip from LeBron's YouTube video....


And here are the 2 episodes of Bama's Shop Talk-- 


(Photo Credit: Laura Goldman, https://twitter.com/GOODasGOLDman)


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