Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich: Yum or Ewwwww?

Ok, so this may be new to some of us... and old news to others.

Friday, the NY Times tweeted about peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and it basically took over Twitter for the weekend... 


I'm with them... not quite ready to try this.

The sandwich, in its simplest form, is just 3 ingredients... peanut butter, pickles and bread.  

But a quick search turns up other versions.... 

This "recipe" (because it really seems weird to say it's a recipe when it's something so basic) calls for buttered toast...


This one adds mayo.  (Uh, no thanks!)


Keep your pickles to yourself, as far as I'm concerned!  But having been raised on a plethora of weird sandwich combinations (the worst of which was a raw onion sandwich with mayo...I still shudder!), I understand how some people get used to eating weird combinations.  

I'm just glad we didn't have Twitter and YouTube when I was growing up... or that onion sandwich would live on!


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